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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Random Pictures

I have been so focused on Coltin and football.

I have missed a lot of other great times.

Conner played flag football this year.

He wanted to play tackle so bad

but he wasn't old enough yet.

Next year bud!

He loved playing football and

it took some getting used to not tackle.

He had 4 of his buddies from school on his team.

So he really had a lot of fun!

He played soo good can't wait for next year!

He even made a pretty long touchdown run.

I thought he wasn't going to make it!

But he did and he was so excited!!!

Coltin's football team got together

and went to a corn maze!

He loved it!

Halloween was great this year.

I didn't have school or work.

So I was able to go to the kids school.

Conner was the Master Crypt Keeper

and Coltin was the Master of Evil.

We also had an adult Halloween party!

So much fun!!

My friend Rikki stole the show with

her Mystique costume from the X-Men.

Yes it is painted on!

Christa and I were Vampires!

All the Girls!

All the boys!

Christa being her normal self.

Being Funny!

Conner at his school Halloween Party.

Coltin's school Halloween Party.

Coltin got to go trick or treating with his buddy Jace.

And yes it is the time of year for Snowmen :(

Conner and his best buddy got all bundled up

and played in the snow.

They also built a snowman this morning!!!