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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Random Pictures

I have been so focused on Coltin and football.

I have missed a lot of other great times.

Conner played flag football this year.

He wanted to play tackle so bad

but he wasn't old enough yet.

Next year bud!

He loved playing football and

it took some getting used to not tackle.

He had 4 of his buddies from school on his team.

So he really had a lot of fun!

He played soo good can't wait for next year!

He even made a pretty long touchdown run.

I thought he wasn't going to make it!

But he did and he was so excited!!!

Coltin's football team got together

and went to a corn maze!

He loved it!

Halloween was great this year.

I didn't have school or work.

So I was able to go to the kids school.

Conner was the Master Crypt Keeper

and Coltin was the Master of Evil.

We also had an adult Halloween party!

So much fun!!

My friend Rikki stole the show with

her Mystique costume from the X-Men.

Yes it is painted on!

Christa and I were Vampires!

All the Girls!

All the boys!

Christa being her normal self.

Being Funny!

Conner at his school Halloween Party.

Coltin's school Halloween Party.

Coltin got to go trick or treating with his buddy Jace.

And yes it is the time of year for Snowmen :(

Conner and his best buddy got all bundled up

and played in the snow.

They also built a snowman this morning!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Bingham Silver-State Champions!!!!

Coltin worked his butt off this year.

And it paid off yesterday when they shut out Olympus

in the state championship game.


Coltin #27

The best nose guard in Gremlins Division!!!

Conner supporting his big brother!


After the game,

the parents charged the field

spraying the players and coaches

with silly string.

It was soo much fun!!!

The team as STATE CHAMPS!!!

(Coltin bottom right)

He's not excited, Is he?

The coaches little brother was our team mascot.

He would dress up as the blue man and

run around and get the kids pumped up.



Head Coach-Justin Loder

He did awesome for a first time coach!

Defensive Coach-Zack Loder

Justin's lil' brother

He was Coltin's defense coach and

he worked so well with Coltin

Assistant Coach-Tyler Smith

He knew that Coltin was capable to do more

and knew just how to push him to his potential.

Offensive Coach-Jared Kilgore

Coltin didn't work with him a lot,

but he did great as Offensive Coach.

Coltin loves his Coach!!

He has the utmost respect for him.

He worked with Coltin and

knew just how to get him to push himself.

I could only wish for a coach like this every year.


We are sooo proud of you.

You worked so hard and we know

how hard it was to miss playing with

friends after school,

having to get up early to do homework

because you couldn't do it the night before,

and how hard it was to push yourself

through pain, tiredness, and being cold.

We already knew that you were a


Now everyone else knows too!!!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Saturday's playoff game was miserable!

It was sooo cold. (High of 40 Degrees)

Coltin's team was in 1st place,

therefore they played the 4th place team.

We had already beat Herriman the week before.

We knew we could beat them.

We just had to do it again!!


It was cold, wet, and muddy but we played awesome!!!

After our win of 27-7 we waited to see who won out of

Olympus and Alta.

So we knew who to play next week.

Olympus was the under dog,

(we already beat them 33-6)

and Alta was the team we just barely beat (12-6)

We were really rooting for Olympus

that way it would be a better chance for us.

OLYMPUS upset Alta!!!!

Fabulous for US!

This was placed on our door by the Team mom.

To get Coltin pumped for the Championship Game!!

To Be Continued!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Football this year started out not so great.
Coltin cried most of the time, wanting to quit.
"It's too hard! I'm not any good! I get tired too fast!"
Constant complaining and whining!
Then something happened and Coltin found his way.
He was put into the position as nose guard on defense.
(for all you that don't know what that is.
It's the guy on the opposite side of the center.)
Coltin turned into the animal I already knew was in him.
In his turning point game he made at least 8 sacks,
with more tackles in the back field.
It was sooo awesome to finally see him get it.
And to get the confidence he needed to come out of his shell.
After that game he continues to dominate the defense.
No one on the opposing team can block him.
He has the perfect swim motion,
and back spin to get through the line.
Last game he even sacked the quarterback
which caused him to fumble the ball.
Coltin was able to recover the fumble.
So he got the sack and the fumble recovery.
It was AMAZING!!!
This Saturday we played Alta.
We have lost to the Alta teams twice but they were not in our division.
This Alta team is in our division and we were tied for 1st place.
What an intense game.
For a long time it was 6-6.
We finally scored in the last 2 min,
but we didn't get the extra point.
So the score was 12-6.
They had the ball on their 20 yard line with 30 seconds remaining.
We stopped them. It was such an exciting game!
We are right now in FIRST PLACE.
We have 1 more regular season game (Herriman)
Then we are off to playoffs.
I am soo glad Coltin is enjoying football now.
I will be really sad when he decides to
stop playing (crossing our fingers he doesn't).
Since I really enjoy watching it!
Shout out to Coltin the best nose guard in the league!!
Love you son!
You are Awesome and I couldn't be prouder!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011


We drove to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore

Curtis and the family is very Patriotic and

it just seemed we needed to go see this monument.

It was soo worth it and the kids really thought it was amazing.

This is the view from the back

which is cool to see Washington sticking so far off the mountain.

This is entering the Monument.

It doesn't seem as big up close.

Until you drive far away and you can still see it.

Then you grasp how huge it is.

We took the walking audio tour.

The kids loved hearing the stories of how it was built
and why those 4 were chosen.

We stayed for the lighting ceremony.

It was so amazing.

They did a full military lowering of the flag.

They had all the veterans come down on the stage.

We watched a video talking about why we fight for freedom.

It was one of the most Amazing things we have ever been too.

Then they lit up Mt Rushmore!

I wish I could have gotten a better picture of it lit up.

It is pretty COOL!


The day we went to Crazy Horse it was raining and foggy

We could still see it but no work was being done due to the fog.

It was still huge and Amazing!


We got up and took the train from Keystone to another small town.

It took you threw the mountains.

It was an hour there and a hour back.